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Making Requests Known to God (December 17, 2014)

Some time ago, I read through the series, Bakuman; a manga about manga, and I recently remembered a correlation between something the characters said and something in the Christian life.

In Bakuman Volume 1, Chapter 2, Page 87; the main character, Moritaka Mashiro, wants to draw manga but he first has to gain the approval of his parents, primarily his father before he can begin. So Moritaka makes this statement: “There is a rule at my house. Whenever I need advice or have something I want, I tell my mother first. My mother will then tell my father when I’m not around, and if he has anything to say, my mother will then tell me. If she doesn’t, then that means my father accepts what I asked for. In other words, I’ve never really had a serious conversation with my father.”

Bakuman Volume 1, Chapter 2, Page 87 Bakuman Volume 1, Chapter 2, Page 87

I like the overarching premise of this conversation, because it really relates and correlates to how we communicate with God. We as Christians have requests; we need advice on so many things, and we want quite a few things too, so we converse with God, we talk with God regarding these things. We make our requests to God the Father, because all things are from Him (1 Corinthians 8:6). It is because of Him that we have life, and it is because of Him that we have purpose; to speak of the things He has done. If He created us, He’s the one, the authority, for which we ask advice concerning our lives.

We make our requests to the Father; however, in our sinful and fallen state, we need someone to get our requests to God the Father who is in Heaven. We can write a letter or create an Email, but without a Post Office to deliver the message or a computer server to send the message, we’re stuck. We can’t take the letter ourselves, because we don’t usually write letters to people unless they live farther away than we can walk, and we aren’t going to drive all the way to their house just to drop the letter in their mailbox. And forget Email, we can’t get into the computer and travel along the cables of the Internet to place the message inside their computer, although that would be cool!

So we need something. In the case of Moritaka, his mother would take the requests and present them to his father. The same thing is true for us. We have God the Son, who acts as our mediator. Jesus takes our requests and gives them to the Father for us. We can’t be in the presence of God to tell Him our requests in person, because we aren’t perfect, but Jesus can because He was and is perfect in all things, so He can do the things we can’t. We can’t get to God the Father, but Jesus meets us where we are, and then goes and meets with God the Father where He is. (Hebrews 4:14-16)

So, next time we have any request (guidance for our lives), any need (the need to confess sins), any want (the want to be married), or any word of thanksgiving; we can address our letter to God the Father, in Jesus’ name present our request or thanksgiving to the Father and Jesus will then take that request and present it to our Heavenly Father, who will then answer us either through His own letter, the Bible, or through God the Holy Spirit who speaks the words of God the Father to our hearts.

Additional Thoughts

God will always give a response; sometimes that response is silence. We can’t make the assumption that just because God is silent, that means that it’s okay for us to do or get that for which we’ve asked Him. Usually silence is God’s way of telling us to wait and/or keep doing what we’re doing, that is serving Him in the Kingdom. It is always better to wait on a verbal response from God. We have fellowship with our Father. Even though our Father is in Heaven, we can always speak with Him through Jesus. We can always have serious, real conversations with our Father. It is though Jesus that I can speak to God the Father, just the same as I speak to my earthly father. My father travels quite a bit, and so as a result, we usually talk on the phone or through Skype. This is kind of like how we converse with God the Father; Jesus just acts as the phone. I can always call up my earthly Dad and talk with him about anything, but if my earthly Dad is unavailable, I know he’ll call me back when he can. In the same way, I can always call my Heavenly Father and talk with Him about all things, even the things my earthly father doesn’t know, and He will always return my calls. Lord Bless and Merry Christmas! Jeremy

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